El Reloj Group was born in 1993. Currently, it brings together a great variety of restaurants in Barcelona, thus consolidating its experience in the restaurant sector

What El Reloj Group has become today is the fruit of intense and continuous efforts. We offer impeccable market cuisine, which relies on a careful selection of raw materials based on very high standards. The top priority is to guarantee quality; Galician beef, fresh fish, the best seasonal fruit and vegetables, products from top brands, and even homemade bread.

Bars and restaurants in which customers with diverse profiles eat well and feel good. From a simple stew to a good steak or caldoso rice, there’s something for everyone on our menus, including a wide selection of exquisite tapas. El Reloj Group’s ability to serve and satisfy a wide range of very varied customers is, without doubt, one of its major successes.

What’s more, our establishments have long opening hours. The kitchen is open at all times, and the team is ready to offer customers the very best service at any time of the day or night. El Reloj Group also provides a customized service for personal and business events, and a Group Reservation Centre, which means customers can enjoy the quality seal of the restaurants in different parts of the city.